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 Skating Forward  & Still Skating Forward (January 2012)          


Skating Forward (Paperback)

By Joanne Jamrosz


ISBN-13: 9781935361534
Published: Comfort Publishing, LLC


Welcome to the Skating Forward Books’ New and Updated Web Page. This page is now devoted to “Skating Forward” and our new book “Still Skating Forward: Amazing People Celebrating Life and Skating”. This book will be out in January 2012 and we will keep you updated on all of our upcoming events. Thank you to the wonderful skaters, coaches and judges of “Still Skating Forward”

 They are Olympic and World figure skaters, coaches, judges and up and coming skaters who dream of gold. They are the amazing people of “Still Skating Forward”. Read their incredible, inspirational stories celebrating life and skating. Their lessons about getting up when you fall, laughing at and learning from mistakes and striving for a personal best will stay with you forever.